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The yellow corn

I don’t want
to grow
that fake ass
corn shit—
what is this
sterile poison—
are you kidding me—
you allow this—
we live here—
I would love
to see you drink it—
to see you dead—
I don’t want
to grow that
fake ass corn shit—
give me the blue stuff
some sunflowers too
with the pumpkins
and the legumes
growin’ all up
’round the stalks—
I don’t want
to grow that
fake ass corn shit—
We’re not
your little
lab rats—We
can do it
ourselves—You lie—
say it’s the only way
to feed us all—You’re
full of shit—I aint
having any of it—
I’m goin’ down
to Peru—
I’m never coming
back hue—
You’ve lost
Your microbes
Lost your

I told him I am you in the future

It happened
one morning
of an almost new moon

was hiding
behind the crushed disc
in the blood of
a man who worked
every day of his life
to not see this coming
on a protein test

who said I could
spike my hair
with tinned beeswax
if I would play guitar
an hour every day

who just wanted to see
this seed come to fruit
blown sticky deadmopped
all over this feral chest
down the shower drain
alone; an acid head—
microbial monk of nothing—
a geyser
in the folding fire
of a cracked coconut

a fountain of this
is where we administer
the medicine, maybe
we knew all along
that it would come to this—
why I live
way up here
far away stunned
but not surprised

as you leave
your son
ahead one
cell at a time