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          Believe nothing

you’ve been fooled
                                                        From day one
           everything you lap up

                           Is a lie
                                preprogrammed & designed

     With the intent to oppress
                    hold you back
                                                       From what you
  could have been—

Do you feel jaded

             are you angry
                                                      tell me

                     What you’re
going to do
                                                                   tell me

                        How does it you feel
       to know you’ll never
                     Truly be alive

The state of Jefferson (Backroad bumpersticker remix)

               Nobody told them
      all of the republicans
               and democrats
                                                  were dead

how were they to know
                                                  they’d been split
right down the middle
                                                  by goo

I remember this last time
         the archetypes of hope
     the distraction and resolution
already decided

what else is there to say
                 once you see it
                                  there it

                                no one wins
who plays this game
                           spray it down
with hypochlorite

      it’s no wonder
            some go mad
                                                       aren’t you
I know I am

     it was as simple as
                      whoever controls the plaintext
                         voting machines
                 controls history itself

                we got to see this happen
        you and I
                behind the scenes
                               when no one was awake

she’ll be the first
                                            to press her silver
                                              on an oval stage

                99 flowers
          in rows
                                 from the walls