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The last thing he saw was a rolling
paper made out of rice stuck in
a spiderweb beneath the

what was he even looking at exactly

would have been peeled back in layers
undetected until fully rooted down below
this connection establishes itself
during which it’s transferred

We’ve been lucky that most not only
don’t notice but they don’t even try to exploit
our own vulnerabilities in the wormway
under the cover of darkness the necessity
of sleep it’s not perfect but it’s working

This one wakes up without the alarm going off
so we never know if he’s awake or what
& there’s been complications
more incidents of portal breaching
with clear signs of recall signatured
we think some of them have seen us

I bet it’s warm like a bonfire
    a proximity that ripples out
  shines brighter on a map or mind
  a sea of flesh & fluids seamlessly
         intertwined tesselating from above
        there’s something about us
                     that you need
               like you’ve been here 
                or like you’re never
                       coming back


Amanita virosa (The messenger)

                      What have we done
          we have                             to go
         so far                                        away
       just to                                          hear it
        to forget                         what we are
              in the forest    it’ll be different
                              this time
                when we            come
              back                             it will
   Amanita                                            light it
      up at last                            or what’s left
                 of it                       I’m not
                       this             I’m not
                        they hack sawed 
            his feet                          off
        left him                               by the side 
  of Arroyo                                    Seco road
     refusing to                           speak we’ll
         never know                 what’s so
                painfully            obvious
                   bringing         panga’s in
       right where I                used to camp
south of Big Sur                  Nacamiento-
ferguson road                                 in Lucia
       2,712 and a                     half pounds
            of Mexibrick        on the way to
                       testing      the waters
                for more               lucrative      
       enterprises                        three days
   from Baja                                        ten men
       windburned                     and tweaking
            who would               rather risk
              coming back—being caught
                   the scene      of the
            landing                        than go
                                                           to them

The stats

        Everyone still wants to read
                The tesseraction
like it’s my magnum opus
   if I died right now                                   
       and never posted again
to be forgotten like
    what you ate for lunch
         last week but not

         like it’s a star of a poem
  the rest will orbit                    into a nice death
         my head exploding          for example
                                                       looking down
                                                       on the mess
                           for a moment

so what’s this
old space junk
burning in the atmosphere
in the daylight

why even bother
   everything but that one line

                      wouldn’t it be funny
               if I was just a revolving door
left to right                                         blue to red
a flaggelating wormhole    a torch of lifedeath
                  a couple gloves and a suit
                        or a vacation

                           We should use it as a base
mathematical trajectory
                         shiver sucking
               purple booch
                                like a buttonclicker

When and if they

With a twist, I turned
the smiling skull key
clock-wise to a slow click
that could be heard an hour later
with the earthquakes
rising up from my molten core
of lightning storms
I summoned to destroy
half of who I had become

Last night
was not an ordinary night
(fed the flames of mutation
a seed ingredient,
a mitosis,
and a multiplication)

Last night
emits an aftershock—
(the wall of light
my staff
can conjure
in the dark)

How can I trust
these pointy ears and a cleft
that stretches when timelessness
licks polished matrices?

We grow a long-lost contact
in a body
that’s been established
in plain sight
that no one notices

Even mouth to mouth
with the source
some return
empty handed.