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Were you there

when I woke with ankles chained to coral

could you hear it 

when I woke I was surrounded

how many of them were there

when I woke strapped down the serum inching

what was it that was murmured 

when I woke five filaments of hyphae

was it just a dream

when I woke a full lotus flame

were you absolutely certain

when I woke the ground getting closer


                       Talk about
echocryptic heartzyme
is heard
autosending pitchmaps
                           we write
burnhanded lipmelt
it’s the
brainbeaming viralswitch
                              they got
fivespiraled nectarlicks
how’s your
spaghettibark dreambot
                     there’s some
lovebombs on the shelf


Attach numberpacks
                             to the superbank
                       loopshine on
                                                   the skull
                total grindlight
                          eight finger
                     ..                           speak up
                like a laser
       who cares
             the busmurm
                                                             get up
         to what you will
                         before they
                                                  tacks attached
       piano keys rapt
  uptwist the knob
           send it scattershining
                                                      back, I
             it, no
never will

           it slides
  down the neck
a gearwalk

Evan’s spiral

Then I wonder if it could go like this or if I’m
this all there is the bones and                digging
is                                          bananas          myself back                                     on                    deeper
coming                                display              down
really                                    organic                the
we               darkness         tech                   page
are              the                    does             another
forward     in                       not                    blind
it                 there                forget               curve
is                out                    does                      no
or               see                    not                    maps
up              you                   falter                    out
it                do what again turn                    here
is                                                                     going
or left skip can we London it’s like way the all