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39 ppm

                        It’s the quiet ringing
the blue mug
                              of green shit
and almond milk
                                      that brings us
to our measurement
                           the eyes go
back and forth
                              they can’t look away
it’s mesmerizing
                                      isn’t it
the vapor insufflates
                                       itself                   the flower
takes .5 cc of linalool
                                      to the xylem
begins to bend
                           to respirate
to track the sun
                        the moon
and to forget
        that which matters
                to no one
                 is a heart carved out
of a hand—it’s the blood
               the veins the parasitic
               eliminated by UV

35 ppm

Found a nail
                 to hang it from

I sent the water
                back from where it came

It was circulating
                    pushing in the oxygen

Flashback to when we used
                                     to spraypaint poetry

The roads that went to nowhere
                                         they ran out of money

Pouring rain and lightning
                              the smell of pussy and the shins

Acacia sap they sent back
                           in candles she said

Mountain dew and indole
                                   tiny flowers in Big Sur

They started kissing first
                      it was only natural

Blue bioluminescence in the waves
                   of the ocean in the middle of the night

There’s a light on
               out there on the boat

There’s a light on
                        in here because of me

The sparks of the tow truck
                                  Toyota camry in the air

Floor it in reverse
                    spin around in the field

You could walk under powerlines
                           forever but you shouldn’t

We loved highway 9
                       like it was our beloved

We were only tourists
                                     just like everybody else

We’d wind up in the middle of
              nowhere goin’ how we ever gonna get back