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Angel II

Those full moon nights
rising behind the hills
we’d hike up to Pogonip
just to see it
the whole meadow
to ourselves
and visible

in the moonlight
we’d accelerate
with micrograms
and a glass pipe
dedicated to
just this one thing
your pregnant wife said
she felt like
she was in an egg
after melting it down
into alien candy

It was as if
nothing could touch us
we must have been glowing
they called this place
Heroin Hill
we navigated the tracks
by phosphene
past the headlamp bicycle ghoul
to the garden of eden

We passed right through
someones camp
a shadow
stomping a big staff
or his boots
on the earth
to warn us

Perhaps it was our
maniacal apologies
our incessent laughter
in the redwoods
that assured the man
we were just passing through

Like the river
passing through the place
in the forest
we called our home


I know, we
had work
the next morning,
but something
made us walk
to the beach
that night

A few miles north
up highway one
by the cave

You always pronounced
your Z’s
with a Puerto Rican S

You were always
Re a lie sing

How many little
cubensis we placed
into our hands
our mouths
how much
brown resin
from the trichocereus
we harvested
that would grow again
six where there
was once one

I remember when
you disappeared—
hide the mescaline
in the sand

Was it you
or the fire whispering
sentient knots—
an audible curse
to crack open the clouds

A line drawn
out of sky
staight through
the mist
above us

I was surprised
by how much
you had changed—
you thought you were
my savior!
I should have known

[No more words in this cocoon]

I was surprised
when we showed up
on time for work
the next day

The conclusion of winter

It can go
in either direction,
and it must be easy to forget
the divinity
you never had
but always were.

Time burns like cigarettes
wrapped in dollars.

Holding the dead confederates heart up to the starry sky
to light the pathway we must take
to get us there.


We gave fire
a taste of our own medicine
somewhere down river.

If every note disperses,
but the symphony is forever,
then I just don’t
even know.

Every morning
someone fills a red balloon
and every night
it pops.

She stopped traffic,
lit her car on fire,
and jumped from the Sunshine Skyway.

Over time
I watched the anchors of ambition
get thrown overboard
fading away into the sea
of necessity-
I watched the dream world

I drink from the old well
of paradox.
A pot of water on the stove
is my slingshot into oblivion.