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Perennial (I am back)

Flush the electrical
of my beating heart
with the sulfur
pink ore
of gypsum

May the crushed
shells of oyster
calcify you to your
true love

Let the kelp
entangle you
into submersion
of nourishment

You will be
by the lung red
lava rocks of time

Don’t believe
the Jaguar
when it leaps
into your chest

Blackstrap molasses
will become
the milk
of your microherd

The worms
will feast upon
the slime molds
used to dissolve

You break apart
the sky
and fix it
deep down below

The ground dust
of ancient rocks
within you

It’s the fungus
that will aggregate
us all together
once and for all

Craterellus cornicopioides

I had a vision
while everyone
was sleeping
that I would find you
where the redwoods
met the madrones
I was to go there
six years ago
with my perforated
water bottle
two paper bags
and some grapes
I must have rolled
a joint ripped a tick
off taking a piss
the old Winchester shells
rusted relics
for tarantulas
the hours walking
down trails
through manzinita
tunnels sweating
in the light
in the shadows
of the giants
honing in
on the rise in
blood pressure
the spores
in the dirt
                  It was right when
I had decided to go home
that I looked down
deep in the woods
and saw the dusty
black brain
to be picked
before the years
of drought
that held them

Everytime I hear Boy’s Latin

I used to take off
      as fast as I could
                                                 across the street
                like I was running away
                                 from babylon

        down the hill
                                      to an entrance
            of the forest of Nisene Marks
   before the rest of the world
                                                       was awake
and the redwoods
                                        were mine
                                                                   all mine

                                a blue jay alerts

         sometimes foggy
                        blowing snot rockets
  the wild cucumber
                       and limegreen mosscovered

                            towering redwoods
                                       dripping with dew
the floor of the forest
                                 covered in xanthoparmelia
                    and clavarioids

        heavy breaths
                                              heavy footsteps

                                                with sweat

plowing through
                               last night’s
                                                     spider webs

                     crossing stonewobbling cricks

    a deer’s vertebrae
  attached to a stick
                                    poking out from the mud
                                    like a ka-bob

it’s funny to think
                   of everyone I brought here

                                                  everything we did

                           running as fast
        as I could                                  
                                  to the top
  of the mountain
                              before the rest of the world
      was awake

Isaria fumosorosea

                 it came in
on a chamelaucium 

  how we always thought
                  it was ending
        we knew it must

         how many times have you died
    to wake up                      

        how many times have you
always do

                           cordycep lungs
                             phase change
            between disappearance

            enveloped in a web
            casket of mycelium                         yeah

                           distill the spirits down
                                           and apply
                                        the substance of death

          tickles the inside
            of your nose like wasabi
      when you do it right