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The things I do

There’s a reason
why I make
my echinacea
& elderberry tea
after dark

The plants feel nice
inside me extracted
the honey of course
that’s a give in

The warmth is soothing
even in the summertime
it makes me want to
smoke more hash

But no it’s neither those
nor the taste
nor the ritual of making it
just right each time

It’s not even the subtle
apothecary & mushy berry smell
it wafts in my face as I play
strange tunes while I wait

I can use the cuff of my sleeve
from my hoody to suppress
the strings in these spots
make it cry like a broken sitar

So it isn’t that either
nor is it the way they strengthen
our defense against sickness
infection & fuckery
& since we’re running out
of things it could be
I’m sure you must be guessing

It’s a large blue mug
too big to be drinking
before going to sleep
which makes it the perfect size

I’ll wake up in the middle of the neon
night with the need to take the hugest
piss I’ll be god damn amazed by it all
but more importantly I’ll remember

The subtle details saturated
by the side effects of my redeye
where I was
what was happening
I would have forgot
all about what
that feels like

I’ll close my eyes & light
that little fire
I’ll taste it
melting into the bed
like marshmallow & leather
blueberries & pine


Bear feet

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the scorpions

I’m barefoot all the time

do the salamanders care

’cause I haven’t seen any

not the way I’ve seen the surface

of the sun on cold butter

what planet are you from

have you ever seen the grass seed

there’s something filtering the sky

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the eel slime

I’m barefoot all the time

so what do the squirrels think

drummin’ on pine trees

look a human in the window

it can do it too

go take a nap dude

whose bringing the cinnamon to the lake

what you’ve never seen a

yeah I want to dip my hands in honey

a gallon jar could go so far

but not if I was sharing

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the snakes

I’m barefoot all the time

I heard the beetles are coming

back & that it’s just begun

& then it will begin again… what then

have you ever seen a deer skull

crystallizing in a jar of amber serum

have you ever even thought in things

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the owls

I’m barefoot all the time

a buck charges the red fox out of nowhere

is where we’re all from but not going 

to the vista point balloon eyeballs bubbling

even though we already saw everything

forever & something kelpy was brewing up

from within us again we wanted it

like avocados—we wanted it like potatoes

—we wanted it like tomatoes—we wanted it

like jalapeños—yeah we craved it—no

we needed it but bumbled around like froth

tell me how easy do you think it is to inject a soul

have you ever played hopscotch

on your hands and knees have you

seen where these tunnels lead back to us

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the sharks

I’m barefoot all the time