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solitude, you’ve become
my sacrament, as all
is gathered up along the way,
the days turn into winks
what do I really even need
perched on Lucia’s back
up here near the dead red tail
dropping plops off the top of rocks
December now, don’t need those socks,
watch the clouds roll in
like ghostships raiding visibility
all is grey quiet sparkling
I can feel it on my feet
a rock slide slaps
a single traveler walks by
miles from anything
says nothing
down there the high tide of the pacific
can be made out amplified by the canyon
riding gusts to reach me
a week of rain, wash away
any metastowaway
don’t know if it’s thunder or wind
nothing to say
said this anyway
I’ve been waking up to views
men go into debt for
next to nothing
I’ve been fitting
in the spaces in-between
you’d never even know
I was there
letting go of the old world
unattainable dream fad
melding with the moment
I am reset by the wind
enveloped by the sky
no reason not to
no anchors tied to

in the dark settled placidity
that wades before dawn
little lightning bolts
reach out to the fireflies
thru the glass

Peek-a-boo, whee

Hollow tooth trojans clean
scimitars a wake
something as feline as a twigsnapping
at 4:59 am
and the subsequent
that mark my words
with a score
to counter the clocks
and methylate the moons
that parade around our
prismatic little petri dish
as if to say
We fucked this one up,
let’s see what happens anyway
etched on the not exactly smart
dust corrupted by light
years of mistakes
sending signals back to
no one
who wrote
the readme
placed right there
in the ore of hearts
defined by the shapes
of a survival that precedes
all known functions

One moment

withdraw the sun, draw the dotted outlines
of night,

peel apart the chests and devour
the microlight,

Solo—  with each word secedes the soul
resonation we are scanning to take flight


disavow the moon, erase the insides
of day,

carefully bind the backs to keck
a humming darkness,

without will or word rescinds the old
world we left behind

The edible notion

stroking blue cobwebs
from a beard I found
stepping through a thick
brick wall

one atom detaches from my
heart and peels through
slick ribs,
becoming the smoke, the room just
evaporates and clicks
open a chest

kudzu crawls from a tattooed wrist,
tribally knocking over a mummified
dancing with gravity’s
triangular nape

After Life
For I

and I

and I


There are those who speak
for hours on end
about other fragments of the land
we call each other
like rocks sitting in a river
unable to not ignore
the water flowing by

and I sit listening
like the melting of a candle
flickering the imminent
waxlessness of my creation
with nothing but nods to add
to my fluid disposition.

There are reagents being burned
by the fire spinning boys
making art in the dark
out of the shooting stars
that we are
left no trace
until something was injected
behind the expansion of consciousness
that looks like a universe
or a puzzle
or a mask
that when revealed
collected everything
behind the curtain
of the dead event horizon.


I remember words
forming on the way here.

They created a narrative
that built up
and came tumbling down
to reveal something lurking
behind the choices
disguised as a moment
molded by a wind gusting
through our soul howling
a dance or be discarded.

I don’t remember the words
but I remember them piecing
themselves together like stitches
holding together what’s left of me
looks back.

What I am made of
is ever-mending
and alive.

Remembering this
like an old wrinkled photograph
or an epiphany
even under the canopy of the past
drags along collecting time
and waiting for the
phosphorescent severance
that could be conducted
if only.

Poems like capsules

I watched as she bent the time
that I was weaving like a spider
hanging upside down from the ceiling.

There is an aproximity effect and a resonance
that dismisses the complications with space.

I back-handed a fly that flew into the room
and it turned around and left
out the open window from which it came.

I’ve been drinking something living
and illuminated in the shadows
cast by autumnal trees.

Green man

Sit inside
with neurons dancing
branches reach a tiny piece
of Mandelbrots lightning
biosynthesizes the way
memories feel
thinking about the past
all neon
binding together
to form a window
of understanding
that breaks
into a tunnel
of letting go
and breathing a machine
of moments eternal
erosion and collection sequence
hung over and blinking
with a water bottle
tingling all over
like I’m pressed up against
a membrane
and air is just a joke
left behind long ago
before they took off
to beta test the new soul
where there is a road
to all suns and nowhere
close your eyes and swallow
black holes of magnetic love
beats from the hearts
like bass drums
leaving a blue ecstacy
in the wake
of cosmic gloves
with scars that flicker
like candles behind the feathers
of eyes that carve into your clay.