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Green man

Sit inside
with neurons dancing
branches reach a tiny piece
of Mandelbrots lightning
biosynthesizes the way
memories feel
thinking about the past
all neon
binding together
to form a window
of understanding
that breaks
into a tunnel
of letting go
and breathing a machine
of moments eternal
erosion and collection sequence
hung over and blinking
with a water bottle
tingling all over
like I’m pressed up against
a membrane
and air is just a joke
left behind long ago
before they took off
to beta test the new soul
where there is a road
to all suns and nowhere
close your eyes and swallow
black holes of magnetic love
beats from the hearts
like bass drums
leaving a blue ecstacy
in the wake
of cosmic gloves
with scars that flicker
like candles behind the feathers
of eyes that carve into your clay.