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The elephant woke up in Mexico

When they built the wall
all they had to do was dig tunnels

They did it so damn well
the Israeli and Palestinians took note
on the other side of the earth

Ten years ago they took the moneys
out of the banks

A silent protest
heard around the world

You remember
the recession

The only liquid capital they had
was laundered and withdrawn

They called it a crisis
like they did when they sold
all the junkies into their scriptwritten plunges

What do you think happened
in those ten years down there

Over a hundred thousand dead

The sinaloa not taken down
but allowed to grow—
coaxed & cultivated
building tanks—laying lateral waste
to everything in opposition
until hijacked

Parade Shorty’s head around the village
like you actually made an impact

You ever wonder why the sewers
in Tijuana fail this time of year

Why the beaches in San Diego are closed

How there’s always a house
connecting another house 
already beneath the wall 
to keep us in

Sunglasses at the racetrack in Kentucky

They say all forces
coerce in pairs

Like our appetite
and their unmarked graves

Como prohibición
y plata o plomo


Round ’em up boys
you gotta earn your marks
you gotta get somethin’
to write home about

The only reason
you would deport
an underlying driving force
of our economy
is to disrupt it
and that makes you
for a whole new reason
our sworn enemies

Amanita virosa (The messenger)

                      What have we done
          we have                             to go
         so far                                        away
       just to                                          hear it
        to forget                         what we are
              in the forest    it’ll be different
                              this time
                when we            come
              back                             it will
   Amanita                                            light it
      up at last                            or what’s left
                 of it                       I’m not
                       this             I’m not
                        they hack sawed 
            his feet                          off
        left him                               by the side 
  of Arroyo                                    Seco road
     refusing to                           speak we’ll
         never know                 what’s so
                painfully            obvious
                   bringing         panga’s in
       right where I                used to camp
south of Big Sur                  Nacamiento-
ferguson road                                 in Lucia
       2,712 and a                     half pounds
            of Mexibrick        on the way to
                       testing      the waters
                for more               lucrative      
       enterprises                        three days
   from Baja                                        ten men
       windburned                     and tweaking
            who would               rather risk
              coming back—being caught
                   the scene      of the
            landing                        than go
                                                           to them

El Chapo

Yeah they got Guzman

        why all of a sudden
              the big deal
                  after all those years
   like it would make a difference
  alive or dead 

                                     it was all a show
        Mexico corrupted—disgraced—
look what they can do
everything is fine
        they actually used the words
                                       mission accomplished

                         he fell off a cliff
                     and broke his leg, nice
                  tanktop dude

              facenumbing piles
                           straight from the sack
                                 rolling up in GMC’s
              with gold plated AK’s

                    entire side of the house
                           lit up couldn’t see
                                  thru the smoke

        mass unmarked
graves in the desert
         all those enslaved

         whose to blame

                                 anhydrous hydra
the evergenerating sharktooth
          of prohibition slithers on
                   unscathed—how many
                                lives will be claimed
before it eats itself
           alive—and since you’re
                    just making room
                                for your families

       may your cartilage
disintegrate with your