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There’s a reason
why I listen
to Ali Akbar Khan
until it’s dawn.

I pulled it out of my puzzle box
and tasted it
bitter and beautiful
just to see the moon shine

I’ll be brewing tea
all day tomorrow
pondering what move to make next
on the chess board of my soul.

How could it have come to this?
I can’t believe my eyes.
It will never be so simple

We embrace
each other
and the moment
because we can.


The fall
upon us
brings the haunt
of lurching spirits
severed at the stalk
escaping and precipitating
out of our goosebumps.

Wave farewell to the summers frequency
excitement is dwindling
as the fungus rises.

Out of nowhere the hearing
in my left ear gives out
and rings a high octave C note
which fades out slowly
into the spinning electric hissing
of tinnitus.

Somewhere above this layer of grey mist
they crossed a cobra with a pumpkin vine
flaring out from the sun and reaching.

Before I returned from the delineated depths
I was staring at the aurora borealis
deflecting above some city flowing through me.

Then I wondered if it would all come together
underneath the harvest moon waxing
right before it did.