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Brown blood

the crickets bow their chitinsic desire
inbetween evading me the big huge beast
it all goes violet gray pink
quiet where the feet step around
the perimeter I’m listening
to the long gaps between everything
the distance between galaxies
folded over a few times in my back pocket
with a note on it scribbled & crossed off
the cat hides out under the old cabins deck
in the shadows match his fur
he looks at me
I don’t want to blow his cover
there’s this smell of feathers breaking down
as if they absorbed the very air
they suspended until releasing it back
into the dirt so it’s hard not to think
of all the primal similarities that ring
bells of hmmmms it’s the nitrogen
it’s never one thing it’s always
this entourage limited by the scope
of whatever channel you’ve tuned
your perception triangulates
vicinity by amplitude
the mortar & pestel carved out of marble
the pellets of manganese & sulfur ground
to a white powder with a bit of pink & toxicity
to help bring the iron down
that’s found it’s way into everything