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Leperhanded collection

deciding which ones to cull

listening to the same world
on repeat

my rain killed
all your moths
this year
won’t be
like the last

something tugs on your speaking
flickers dust behind the nucleus

a compass to inject the skin
with meaning

we meant what we said
on the surface

the same way you can never look inside
of an eye (no matter how hard you try)

it’s always black
not quite a hole

it can be green

                         a portal opened up between them
             like it was a sunrise

Deathstare pilot haiku

Trap door eraser
a constant flow of the hum
who gives a flying

moths in the window
trying to get in the house
little winged people

black box halo cut
in and out of reach the night
exudes around scales

they swarm the windows
desperate for the light inside
cling to the cold glass

could do anything
the gravity of it all
leg pretzel cosmos

repeat no stop here
purple flashing window pane
nothin’ else I need

you hear a loud bang
what the fucking shit was that
deep in the forest

the coconut oil
makes the butter stronger so
musical night time

then it starts to snow
again and it sinks deeper
a whirlwind of ice

oak tree bacillus
thuringiensis they will
throw up and die soon

the moths don’t really
know what they want they’re just like
automatic folks

the bright lights the heat
they feel it all orgasmic
can’t keep my eyes ope

then I’m on a plane
and it’s flying upside down
right above the sea

does he really have
to fucking do it like that
crash into static

Moth house

                                  Blacktailed bucks
                         stop stoic on the lookout
                             sucking on stems
             single file               does move
                                  thru the slow rain
                         drenches the oak hill

What kinda poison was it

                  do they see me
                                 in here
                  with their stibnite eyes
                  smooth                dense
                  but they’re          empty
                                                 a pool of blood

It dissolves the exoskeleton
        and you eat it
                it’s in oranges                  you say as
                                                   you look
                                               out the window
        triple bonded
                 to a carbon 
                        and you fucking smoke it

              mudcovered feet
       the wind moves
                         thru the evergreens
                         with a scalpel
                                  a baby

    some days
just hover
    like a point cloud

some days
    just chew
the fat

                  in the gulch
                                  we set
                   doing nothing
                    like it was the best thing
                               we ever done did

            then like a lava lamp
                      the surge of
                      electric nectar                   tingles
                       the soft melting moon
                        glacier                              illumes

how cliché would it be if it
                                                 into the wick
                        immolation        skydiver
    ash                              on hardwood