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Lost girl

                                           A girl lost
                             in the back of the cab

 peel your lip back
  what’s it say

                             a pink tentacle
                            flops across the
                           suicide seats
      stained red
      with a slap

                                she closes her eyes
& touches her clit beneath her black 
           to the rhythm of
              the window wipers steady
or a piano

                             they wanted three hundred
          now it’s six

                                   who was behind the wheel
                                  driving the lost girl
                                 to her destination
              deep inside 
this nothing nowhere
                        no one knows but her

I need a ride
she said Where to?
I don’t give a fuck

             her hooded eyes as blank as her face
                                           like a black cats or
                                                a new moon’s

it was Thursday
as we watched from afar
     the door open
             the door close
                        the black cab
          with the suicide seats
 stained red

                                        she touches her pink clit
    the tentacles coil
like condensation on a window
 like misterioso being beamed
  down by a vinyl crackling satellite 

38 ppm


Barlite spinnin’
                             spittin out Ca+

Like you don’t
                           give a fuck

You’re systemic—
                               a vibration

In the terminal
                              vacuole all Brownian

In your molecular


Hey let’s go to switzerland
Fuck this world
Yeah I’m down for switzerland
Fuck this world
The Swiss will be sweet
the beats will be fresh
The meats, the besh,
let’s go have a sesh
on a fjord
we’ll never be bored             in