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Captain’s log 

Some of you may know that I’ve been experimenting with fiction for some time now. After a couple of failures trying to write a novel it became apparent to me I had much studying to do before I could even think about trying again. That was two years ago. Now I have a rough draft basically done on this new project that is currently entitled The Needles of Ahuehuete and 106,000 words. I have it set up so that a part 2 is doable as an addition to the novel or sequel whenever I feel like writing it but I also like where and how this one ends too.

Now here’s where you potentially come into the scene: I’m requesting a hand full of copy readers who are willing to go over it and tell me how much it sucks. If you speak spanish that is huge to me right now as the whole book takes place in cental/south America from the first person perspective of an American while travelling. He knows some spanish and has a digital translator on his tablet but it’s not always available for use. Sometimes the protagonist Tommy has only a sliver of an idea what anyone is saying while other times there is a bilingual character that acts as the stories translator and even then there is a language barrier. Since the translation was done with google I can’t even consider doing anything with this until I’ve had someone whose not a gringo verify it all sounds right. It was fun to write this way though I feel like it simulates what the experience is like… although much more dramatically.

Contact me here if interested: Kontakter

What else? Some notes… I have a burning desire to get good at writing fiction. I love the experience of reading a good book that just sucks you in like a black hole and blows your mind. Am I there yet? Oh hell no! But I’m getting closer every time I try. I’m going to keep trying until I can start selling these things and people love them. I like that poetry is something I have no desire to monetize. It’s my place to play and say and do whatever I feel like. And I like that fiction makes me feel the opposite way and gives me a space to potentially create to market. Even if I never sell a single book it’s damn fun trying.

I get sucked into writing almost the same way reading does. I get to create these worlds and live in them before you do. In some aspects that’s what it’s all about… but that wouldn’t be the whole story.

I just finished writing and am planning on going over it once in the next few days, eating a bunch of acid, and then sending out the drafts when I come back. I already have a new idea for another plot/novel and may just start focusing on that depending on the type of feedback I get. 

Genre: Fiction / Sci-fi / Realism

P.s If it takes me a little longer than expected to send these out don’t trip I will get to it soon… there’s not exactly any time frame on this and it’s not like I’m in any hurry… thx



El Ganador

I got neurons in the sky
are you high

yes I am
yes I am
O yes I am
I’m gonna be
a Boltzmann brain
I’m gonna go to
the end of time                                            yeah
I’m gonna be more
than just a smooth liquid sphere
that lights up
for some reason
in a series
& remembers everything
that ever happened
in a flash that spans
almost forever
there are multiverses
that would pay
by the billions
of galaxies
to have
what we
will have
I wanna have déjà vu
with you


What’s worse

   They’re hatching
        out of old film
           single bullet
     latched on to
                                                the corneascan
   they could see us
         from every angle
   there was no

     and I don’t know
                                             what’s worse

         between what
                 they do
         and how we
                  don’t react

      I don’t know