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Side effects

The whole house fucking reeks
no—I bet the entire
mountainside knows
today is harvest
like if a skunky cheesecake
grew on a plant
breathed it’s spirits
into the sky
one stalk at a time
the black hash melts
on my hands into my skin
my blood & bones
some of it was wiped away
with the honey off
my feral fingers at lunch
I feel like passing out
but I’ll write this first
it’s sticky then it’s smooth
I could roll up a ball
and smoke it, I’d rather
lay around and dream
with a body pillow
on both sides sprawled by a fan
while the cicadas light up
like fireworks—like that
thing that happens inside of me
sometimes you just gotta
wait some more
while the leaves wither
the mind wanders
quiet solitude
half way to heaven
I’ll wake up
rock hard and throbbing
knowing you’re out there



solitude, you’ve become
my sacrament, as all
is gathered up along the way,
the days turn into winks
what do I really even need
perched on Lucia’s back
up here near the dead red tail
dropping plops off the top of rocks
December now, don’t need those socks,
watch the clouds roll in
like ghostships raiding visibility
all is grey quiet sparkling
I can feel it on my feet
a rock slide slaps
a single traveler walks by
miles from anything
says nothing
down there the high tide of the pacific
can be made out amplified by the canyon
riding gusts to reach me
a week of rain, wash away
any metastowaway
don’t know if it’s thunder or wind
nothing to say
said this anyway
I’ve been waking up to views
men go into debt for
next to nothing
I’ve been fitting
in the spaces in-between
you’d never even know
I was there
letting go of the old world
unattainable dream fad
melding with the moment
I am reset by the wind
enveloped by the sky
no reason not to
no anchors tied to

in the dark settled placidity
that wades before dawn
little lightning bolts
reach out to the fireflies
thru the glass