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Yoga mat burn stack

I was in the disclight looking at you
looking to move hawk-headed
with a stingray hovering over
my right shoulder undulating
under a floating patch of lotus
I sat down under a big moon
on screen typed out I
sat down just to hear it again
I wouldn’t mind to
melt into mist
I’d follow the squiggly
lines back underneath the leaves
back in time etched in wave
chamber cyclone tunnel junctions
the diffusion of gravity
riding the ship slow into unknowing
I don’t want to spin means
hold onto the bed hold
onto the memory etched out
for as long as you possibly can


Sometimes I think about Oroville

Like a tweaker panning for gold
in the dead drought dessicated crick like a slot machine about to give way

Like the white cessna stingray
in May failing at low altitudes
at seven in the morning

Like a gang of deadeyed palepasty zombie kids
twitchpicking their way thru
a market that doesn’t give a fuck

Like the nine gram rule
that kept everyone out
and everything in

Like using a helicopter
to pinpoint where to falsify
your thousandth anonymous complaint

Like packs of water bottles lined up
several hundred yards away
who knows how many rounds of .308

Like two dudes getting a handy in an old Chevy
by a tweakjawed crackwhore between them by the tracks

Like how they always wondered if it was Sour Diesel
& one of their corrupt colleagues got caught
moving packs back east

Like that real raw look on their face
everyone has from the brutal heat beating down
through the toxic valley air

Like winning 10k at the casino
getting drunk and dying crashing into a river on your way home
the cash floating downstream