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Gold country

Roll a joint
break it down
between these itchy fingers
feels so sticky
so real
set it down
forget about it
there’s this scratching post
at the top of my head
the smell
of undoing the knots escapes
the static screams
behind the songs
the tubes they used
glowing darkly upside down
almost hidden, untouched
clean of oil
the tremolo, the springs,
the thin twang of a fender
warbles atomic geometry
like markers
left to hang
to sustain
twenty minutes in the pot
set a timer to forget
let it cool until it’s tepid
this exact same thing
every ten days
triple digits out there
the wall is breathing 
I got EMA on the box
she makes me feel
I’m not sweating anymore
I was burning in the sun
hollowing them out this morn’
their insides like to breathe
their outsides need the light
& who wants larfy schwag
snow lotus brings the frost
out of skyhigh spears
super silver haze
breathes in the breeze
coming down
off the Sierra’s
this iron dusted gulch I dwell
they dance
this time of year
the cats are passed out
on the deck
a shadow of a vulture
scans the dusty
ground pops
with crickets
a mockingbird posts up
on a dead ponderosa
after a flash of his bomber wings
I wipe the webs off
on these cutoff shorts
the bees savor every drop
of water they can find
a woodpecker knocks
it’s beak for some bugs
the only other sounds
are far off
muted by currents
the forest at the top
of the hill
the fox den
overlooking the house
the bend
in the trunk of the pine tree
I love watching
summer burn
our souls away
until there’s nothing left
but rain
but hope
but love
to find it’s way
thru the mud & snow
& acid trips


Brown blood

the crickets bow their chitinsic desire
inbetween evading me the big huge beast
it all goes violet gray pink
quiet where the feet step around
the perimeter I’m listening
to the long gaps between everything
the distance between galaxies
folded over a few times in my back pocket
with a note on it scribbled & crossed off
the cat hides out under the old cabins deck
in the shadows match his fur
he looks at me
I don’t want to blow his cover
there’s this smell of feathers breaking down
as if they absorbed the very air
they suspended until releasing it back
into the dirt so it’s hard not to think
of all the primal similarities that ring
bells of hmmmms it’s the nitrogen
it’s never one thing it’s always
this entourage limited by the scope
of whatever channel you’ve tuned
your perception triangulates
vicinity by amplitude
the mortar & pestel carved out of marble
the pellets of manganese & sulfur ground
to a white powder with a bit of pink & toxicity
to help bring the iron down
that’s found it’s way into everything


No face no sky

I sat there
watching parts
of a ziricote dulcimer
fall out of your open chest
knocking on the wooden floor
like it was a newspaper
unfolding on the other side
of the breakfast table
what I couldn’t understand
were the strings
where they came from
why it seemed like
they wouldn’t ever stop
coming out but they had to
there had to be an end
to this where you pick it up
put it together
and play it for me
like it never even happened


The things I’d do 

Retrace the heart
out of the pollen dust
layering the nylon string
acoustic’s body
now it has a shadow
another version
of the same heart
on the same guitar
pressed up against my bare chest
it’s out of tune
it’s been a while
but the e isn’t
it all lines up
everywhere I’ve ever played
is right here buzzing
rushing water running through me
melting down from the mountains
coming off these old black
& bronze nylon strings
the smell of the world blossoming
thru an open window without us
getting lost in the circuitry
of focus I would go
like I did that one time I was dancing
alone with a mask on the back
of my head looking down
on everyone from above
I want to do that again but could I
run my thumb & fingers over them
in different ways, different rates
what do I remember
what can I make up
before I gotta go out
& do that thing


Las siestas

Somehow                                             I always end
                                              up here by the water
 with dirty feet
  it flashes back
                                          this other world
                                         we’re in now
looks like a dream
     it’s so consistent
                                                I know
                                                 so meet me by the lake
 somehow with dirty feet
flashback to the songbirds
     in the forest I’m awake
                                                but I was there again
           by the water
      with dirty feet
                                                     dirty toenails
                                                         I live alone
        during the day
               I’m not alone
                                                       by the lake
                                                I’ll pick the lighter up
  with my toes
I’ll take the clover honey
                                               from the cupboard
                                              I’ll keep it on the counter
      ’til it’s gone
 I’ll smoke a joint
                                               outside in the shade
                                                   it used to seem
so much more random
             than this leaking
                                                locality from both sides
                                                              what am I



I found some tracks
In the mud
I went lookin’
Just to see what
I would find
& I found thunder
On a sunny day
In June
It forms a line
It forms a web
I wonder what
They’re singing
To each other
Then the thunder
Pounds again
It pounds again
From somewhere
Maybe higher up
The mountain
& the sky
It seems
Like these sunny days
In June
It booms
From somewhere
Higher up
The mountain
& the sky
I find tracks
In the mud
& I go lookin’
Just to see
What I might find
Not ever
Really knowing
With my eyes
Peeled back
Like tangerines
Like tangerines
Peeled back
Into a spiral
Then the thunder
Pounds again

cerulean dragonfly and all
the gold sparks in the sky
lay on the ground
tracking floaters in your eyes

oleander reverie and an
antidote of synergy
cancels out the fire
assembling the entity

clove to cauterize the gash
and a smidge of good hash
every other hour
’til there’s nothing left but ash

kava kava in the cup
with lecithin, cinnamon, and syrup
wish I could say more
but the tongue divides us up

jacinthe and indigo
es la forma en que las noches flow
a triptych to the milk spilled
cross the new moon’s absent glow

underneath a canopy
of something living beneath me
blinking by the day
drops a leaf off the old oak tree

gripulous but somehow gravid
marches deoxyribonucleic acid
fold and depart
while the data’s extracted

gabbling the laughing gablocks
awake ‘for dawn because the cocks
the skybox winks a cancer
am I the one who knocks?

laudanum for larrup
and larvicide in tupp
Laika must’ve drooled
when nothing was close-up

egencies of edapha
sent barking coming at ya
hopefull bones of drought
breathing music thru a straw

rhizophagous parasite
white walls and ceiling beam tight
and when he came a ritual
hit the map on the burial site