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Hey let’s go to switzerland
Fuck this world
Yeah I’m down for switzerland
Fuck this world
The Swiss will be sweet
the beats will be fresh
The meats, the besh,
let’s go have a sesh
on a fjord
we’ll never be bored             in

It goes both ways

You think what you don’t know
or can’t see
doesn’t matter
or doesn’t apply to you
and this is precisely what
they’re using against you

A ceaseless sorting famish lurks
in the billion dollar background radiation

But I’m not doing anything wrong

is wrong by default

Some relic of truth is buried daily
under mounds of fecundous lies
and who is going to teach you
how to sharpen your eyes?

They call it smart
because it isn’t—

It’s what you do,
It’s how you do it—

Oh— they think they own us
but data’s not the soul

All they have
is what we give

All they have
is what we give