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steel cage
    on a chain
you hold
       what holds
me here
       for a vortex
of honey
    at midnight
between this
    and a few moths
the new moon
       is near
no matter what
    it’s swirskii
’cause fear
       eats the
one thing
     you came
here for
        on a wing
of silk
     on a wind
thru an open

Moth house

                                  Blacktailed bucks
                         stop stoic on the lookout
                             sucking on stems
             single file               does move
                                  thru the slow rain
                         drenches the oak hill

What kinda poison was it

                  do they see me
                                 in here
                  with their stibnite eyes
                  smooth                dense
                  but they’re          empty
                                                 a pool of blood

It dissolves the exoskeleton
        and you eat it
                it’s in oranges                  you say as
                                                   you look
                                               out the window
        triple bonded
                 to a carbon 
                        and you fucking smoke it

              mudcovered feet
       the wind moves
                         thru the evergreens
                         with a scalpel
                                  a baby

    some days
just hover
    like a point cloud

some days
    just chew
the fat

                  in the gulch
                                  we set
                   doing nothing
                    like it was the best thing
                               we ever done did

            then like a lava lamp
                      the surge of
                      electric nectar                   tingles
                       the soft melting moon
                        glacier                              illumes

how cliché would it be if it
                                                 into the wick
                        immolation        skydiver
    ash                              on hardwood

The conclusion of winter

It can go
in either direction,
and it must be easy to forget
the divinity
you never had
but always were.

Time burns like cigarettes
wrapped in dollars.

Holding the dead confederates heart up to the starry sky
to light the pathway we must take
to get us there.


We gave fire
a taste of our own medicine
somewhere down river.

If every note disperses,
but the symphony is forever,
then I just don’t
even know.

Every morning
someone fills a red balloon
and every night
it pops.

She stopped traffic,
lit her car on fire,
and jumped from the Sunshine Skyway.

Over time
I watched the anchors of ambition
get thrown overboard
fading away into the sea
of necessity-
I watched the dream world

I drink from the old well
of paradox.
A pot of water on the stove
is my slingshot into oblivion.